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Are You Eating Right?

Knowledge is key, especially when it comes to living a healthy life style. The more you know, the more you are able to apply beneficial health practices to your daily life, helping your body to be as healthy as it can be.

When we go out and about, it is tough not to notice that the average person's build is not fit and slender. In fact, the average person is overweight. We would even venture as far as saying that the average body build borders on obese. (Factoid: Obesity is defined as over weight by 30 pounds.) And there is a very large segment of the population that is morbidly obese (over 40 lbs).

It is no surprise that being over weight is a great contributor to disease. Excess weight leads to heart disease, diabetes, circulatory problems, digestive trouble, spinal issues, and the development of cancer, just to name a few maladies.

We sincerely believe that people want to be healthy and they do not want a life-threatening disease, yet most continue on the weight-gain trail. This reality brings us back to the original point that we were attempting to make. Knowledge or, more frankly, lack of knowledge is the real cause of being over weight. Therefore, it is the real cause of disease in society today.

A trip to the food store and a few minutes of observation will lead you to the same conclusion. Look around and watch what others put in their shopping carts. The amount of junk "food" that is sold is vast. Even the so-called "regular" food that we consider normal, the stuff in boxes and cans, is full of chemicals, preservatives, trans fats and omega 6 fats that are literally more detrimental to our health than anything else. There is a reason that these foods are labeled as processed.

Jack Lalanne, the famous fitness pioneer who recently passed away at 93 years old once said, "If man makes it, leave it alone." Naturally, he was referring to processed food. The determinative question is, if there are certain chemicals and ingredients in food that lead to disease and weight gain, and if you knew what these ingredients were, would you knowingly eat them? We don't think anyone would. The problem is that most people don't know. They are not aware of what is actually healthy and what isn't.


The study of nutrition is a crucial habit that should be practiced and applied on a daily basis. There should be more of an emphasis placed on nutrition in our school systems. Not just the basics, but the science of nutrition. And it shouldn't be one or two lectures a school year, but it should be a greater part of the curriculum, like reading, writing and arithmetic. For us as adults, it is never too late. It's as easy as going to the bookstore and grabbing the latest healthy eating and nutrition book. You will learn a lot and be able to apply what you learn to help you and your family live long, healthy lives. What's more, when you go to the food store armed with greater knowledge of nutrition, you will undoubetly find shopping (and eating) more interesting, satisfying and even fun.

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