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What Is Structural Dysfunction?

If we were to ask you what normal blood pressure is, you might answer 120/80. Maybe you're not even sure what that means exactly, but you know there is a normal value. In healthcare, there are normal values for not just blood pressure, but many things like sight, blood sugar, heart rate, and body mass (too name a few). There will always be variations based on age or situation and no one needs to be perfect, but there are accepted ranges.


At Align Chiropractic, we recognize that the entire spine works as a functional unit but there are two primary areas that may experience the most amount of Structural Dysfunction.

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Lower Spine


The base of the spine may shift, twisting the pelvis and sacrum causing a Pelvic Displacement Complex, or Structural Dysfunction at the sacrum or sacroiliac joints. This can cause the hips to shift and produce improper alignment cascading up the spine.


Upper Spine


The area of the spine most vulnerable to Structural Dysfunction is the top of your spine at the base of the skull, or the craniocervical junction. Structural Dysfunction here can cause a condition known as the Atlas Displacement Complex. This can effect the neck and upper back, cranial bone position, and brainstem function.

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