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Align Chiropractic is a Structural Chiropractic health center based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive solution to resolving problems related to structural abnormalities in the spine, pelvis, & cranium which can prevent your body from working at its highest capacity. We are proud to serve patients from all over Northeast Florida with our unique and gentle approach to natural healthcare.


The majority of our patients are referred to us by other healthcare practitioners, athletic coaches, and by their friends & family, so it may not be a surprise that you ended up here, but if you are here as the result of another reason, then we are happy that you have found us and we welcome you.


Call us today at 904.425.8070 to schedule your complimentary consultation and find out if our comprehensive approach to care is the solution you've been searching for for your spinal health, supportive pregnancy, athletic enhancing, family wellness, and/or foundational nutrition needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Where A Consultation Is A Conversation - NOT A Commitment

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