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Care For Newborns, Infants, & Children

We get a few raised eyebrows when we tell people that we see many children in our practice. It's something most people have never considered for their children's overall health. However, a growing percentage of the population is using structural chiropractic care from birth and throughout life for both health challenges and prevention.


Since the Automatic Operating System (i.e. nervous system or aOS) controls and coordinates everything in the body, including development and healing, not to mention the majority of neurological development (65%) occurs during the first 6 months of life, shouldn't we make sure that child's nervous system is working properly? The structural nature of the spine makes it the most common place in the body that can obstruct the nerve flow, disrupting the amazing power that made and heals the body. Structural pediatric chiropractic care is a powerful way for parents to help their child develop optimally and heal naturally, especially from chronic childhood illnesses that are being treated with potentially dangerous interventions.


Evidence from structural chiropractic offices throughout the world show that children can benefit from gentle chiropractic care, even if they already have a health challenge. Think about all of the children with ear infections, colic, asthma, acid reflux, ADHD, developmental delay, migraines, torticollis, etc. If structural dysfunction is putting undue pressure on their delicate nervous system and obstructing their body's normal functioning, then specific structural pediatric chiropractic can help them.


The children are our future... let's make sure they get there healthy!

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