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Care For Newborns, Infants, & Children

It often surprises people when we mention that many of our patients are children. The concept of prioritizing chiropractic care as a component of their child's well-being isn't a conventional path many have explored. Yet, a steadily increasing portion of the populace is embracing structural chiropractic care as a lifelong approach, both for addressing health issues and for preventative measures.

Given the pivotal role the Automatic Operating System (also known as the nervous system or aOS) plays in governing all bodily functions, including growth and healing processes - and considering that a significant 65% of neurological development takes place in the initial six months of life - isn't it vital to ensure the optimal function of a child's nervous system? The spine, due to its structural attributes, is a prevalent site for potential nerve obstruction, which can hinder the innate regenerative capabilities that the body possesses. By adopting structural pediatric chiropractic care, parents are empowering their children to flourish and recuperate naturally, particularly from chronic ailments commonly managed with potentially harmful treatments.

Worldwide data from chiropractic clinics substantiates that even children who are already grappling with health issues can gain significantly from gentle chiropractic interventions. Imagine the children suffering from ailments such as ear infections, colic, asthma, acid reflux, ADHD, developmental delays, migraines, or torticollis. If these conditions are exacerbated due to structural irregularities causing undue stress on their fragile nervous system and impeding normal bodily functions, targeted pediatric chiropractic treatments can be a beacon of relief.

Children are the harbinger of our future. Let's commit to nurturing them into it with robust health and well-being!

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